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“Sandi’s yoga classes are as much life, mind, and heart lessons as they are body lessons. Her measured, calm tone and always-great music make her classes a pleasure – so do the light laughter and playfulness while we share the humanity of difficult poses....” Abby A. MD

"Before I took Sandi's classes, I appreciated yoga for the stress relief it brought.  But Sandi showed me how yoga can be playful, inquisitive, creative, exploratory – and I grew to love yoga beyond just appreciation."
- Charlene W.

“Over the years, I've probably had about fifty yoga instructors, at a variety of venues. Though each of them offered something, Sandi’s classes are truly unique and of a higher, more sophisticated caliber. Her poses are original, dynamic and challenging, and at the same time they exercise muscles and joints that usually get overlooked. Her pithy observations during final meditation – not the usual fortune-cookie fodder or juvenile rhetoric – always give me something to think about. Indeed, I look forward to them. As a teacher, Sandi is always vigilant yet subtle. Her classes really give a physical and psychological foundation. I'm sincerely grateful for her help and kindness.”
- Arthur N.

“Sandi is a gifted teacher who has achieved a high level of mastery unusual for someone of her youth. She promotes a great experience for her students, and I have benefited greatly from her classes."
- Lorraine

“I love the very careful and thoughtful flow of Sandi’s classes and the fact that each class is different and has its own 'theme'. I want to thank her again and again for the many practice hours I am lucky enough to have with her.”
- Semadar M.


Address: 83rd Ave E, Myakka City, FL, 34251.  Phone: 1-347-467-0515.  Email: sandi@yogigirl.com.

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