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Influences and Gratitude

The following individuals and organizations have assisted me over the years with the fine art of conscious, compassionate living.  I mention them here with immense gratitude for their guidance, love and support....

Inspirational teachers and philosophers

- Dr. Joe Dispenza
- Dr. Bruce Lipton
- Dawson Church
- Shamini Jain
- Deepak Chopra
- Jonathan Haidt
- Ram Dass
- Thich Nhat Hanh

- Pema Chodron
- Sharon Gannon, David Life
- BKS Iyengar
- Krishnamurti
- Vanda Scaravelli
- Alan Watts
- Jack Kornfield
- Karen Armstrong
- Gil Hedley

Resources for beginner
yogis (thank you, Breanna!)

- Yoga defined
Vegetarian resource
- Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: PCRM.org

yoga girl
  yogi girl

Practicing Yoga off the Mat...

A portion of my yoga proceeds goes to the following inspiring organizations. They're incredibly dear to my heart and I thank them for their service....

Ram Dass Love Serve Remember Foundation

Public Broadcasting Service

Physicians Committee
for Responsible Medicine

Since living one's passion can bear gifts for everyone, I'd like to share the talent of a couple of friends....
  • Pottery and sculpture by longtime potter Keith Gordon. I could fill my home with his stuff, and lucky for me, Keith can accommodate, including throwing in the kitchen sink (literally): Cagey Creations.

  • Meditative music to chill to – again and again. "Still Point, Fading Day" (the name says it all) by Margin Stars.


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